Hi all you wonderful WE people! :-) You can tell I am in a great mood. Tis the season to be jolly, and WE are! But it has been a tough tough year for WE. There has been a lot of waiting, and hoping and waiting, and then more waiting … sprinkled with a lot of hard work with limited resources. However, as you all know, the WE team are a force to be reckoned with. Our small band of TV spartans have battled a great many problems and always prevailed. WE never give up. Anyway, enough of that.

Here is a few bits of news …

WE are the most popular Twitterer on the African continent! Check it out … http://twitterholic.com/top100/followers/bylocation/South+Africa/ If you are not already following us on Twitter, please do at http://twitter.com/wildearth WE are still asking for volunteers to join our growing army of WEtwits so if you have some time available to take a shift and inform our Twitter followers of what is going on at WE then please mail us at

If you do have a Twitter account and if you love what WE do, please nominate WildEarth for a shorty award in the entertainment category over here: http://shortyawards.com/category/entertainment WE have a very real chance of winning this category if you all nominate us. Please give it a go, it would be our first award!

The WEarchive has grown again. Our friends over at Zaplive have put the ‘seekpoints’ right up front in the archive now. (Thanks to all of you that are creating such great seekpoints, and helping WE make video history.) Also, the WEarchive is now searchable by date and just a lot easier to find stuff in. There is so much more coming here … but I don’t want to let the cat out the bag. ;-) http://www.member4.mystagingwebsite.com/wearchive

A huge big thank you to all our Amazee members … you are all WEangels and amazeeing! If you are not yet a member please join up here: http://www.amazee.com/christmas-dixie If WE have the highest number of members, with pics, on the 22nd Januray 2009 WE will win $5000 … here are the current rankings:
Studieren Ohne Grenzen – 229 Members – 40 pics
Pressenger.de – das Presseportal – 218 Members – 35 pics
Yabonga e.V. – 194 Members – 102 pics
Christmas at Dixie – 187 Members – 175 pics
As you can see that while WE are sitting in fourth place in terms of number of members, WE are actually well in first place with the numbers of members with pics!! So we are doing well, but I think WE should not be to certain until WE have the highest number of members outright. Please invite everyone you know to join the project. I will be announcing the new project on the 26th December … and you are all going to be blown away by the ambition and importance of this project. WE are going to really change lives … its in our nature.