It is now 22h00 CAT (Central African Time) and the Amazee Bucket is closing!! It pretty much looks like WE have won 2nd and 3rd place, and $5,000 towards getting fresh running water to every house in Dixie.

On behalf of the WEcrew and the whole WEfamily I would like to congratulate the winners on a phenomenal race, particularly during the super exciting last 24 hours. The 1st place went to DEVELOPING AN IT LEARNING CENTER, who plan to build an educational centre in Sri Lanka with their bucket prize. WE wish you good luck and thank you for a great competition.

I would like to thank the WEcrew (Peter, Pieter, Lieschen, Simon, Herman, Rexon, Simpiwe, Liesbeth and Emily) for all your efforts over the past few months on this project. Special mention must be made of the WEangel admin team. Aquila, Karen, Valorie, Stacy and Bev have worked around the clock. They have begged, helped, chased, cajoled and clicked till their fingers bleed. Each time WE would fall behind, and each time a new threat presented itself … they were there, with ideas, soloutions and hours of hard work. On behalf of all of us, the crew, the viewers and above all the people of Dixie, WE thank you … you truly are WEangels.

Finally I would like to thank you the viewers, the WEfamily. Without you there is nothing. You have become a family, not just a community. WE may not have won the bucket today, but WE were victorious. Our victory cannot be measured in money or an award. It is measured by those hearts that care. By all the people that came out when called, to make their mark and help those less fortunate far far away. Our prize is not $5,000, for that is just money, our prize is the bond that grows between us all. When WE join together as WE do, the world gets a little smaller, a little warmer and a little brighter. WE are one.

So I want you to all know that today WE were the winners … because … its in our nature!