This morning a tractor was working on repairing a road after the heavy rains, and while doing this severed our main fiber optic cable!! Ouch. As a result everything went off line simultaneously. WE took a little while to figure out what had happened, but once we did, it was obvious that this was a major problem.
I got on the phone to our friends over at Ruantel, who have already dispatched a splicing team. They will be racing the clock to make it into the reserve before night fall. While they drive down to the Lowveld, the crew will be digging a big hole for the splicers to work on the buried cable. Generators and lights are being erected. The crew will work through the night to resplice the cable and get WildEarth back on air.
WE apologise for this break in our broadcast, but as many of you know; “WE get knocked down, but WE get up again!” Nothing will stop us from bringing you Djuma LIVE … it is in our nature.