Wow, I still can’t believe it. I sometimes feel like maybe I have imagined the whole thing. It is not often you hear of an elephant dying but especially one that plays such a large part in our lives. Wonky truly was one of WildEarth’s favorite characters and WE have been following his life for nearly two years. His death is a huge loss to all of us and WE thank you for all of the messages of condolences. Characterized by his skew tusk and a bad back left foot, this gentle giant had an amazing personality. We reckon he was about 36 years old so his life was taken from him far too early. This guy should have lived until at least 60. In memory of him I have chosen some of the amazing videos made by you guys and some of the best  sightings we have had. Also an elephant carcass in the bush is an exciting meal for many. Over the next few days be ready to jump on the vehicle as Pieter will be heading over there as often as he can. Enjoy.
Emily Wallington

A Few Thoughts From Our Wonky…
Shed no tears for my body, all my dear friends at WE,
I am safe now, content and completely pain free.
While your hearts may be heavy, please remember my life,
It taught us all to be humble, to love without strife.

Life is harsh in the bush, yet gives beauty its name,
I have seen all its glory; I hope you’ll do the same.
When a flower reaches to the sky and feels the sun on its face,
My spirit will be in the warm grasses that surround it like lace.
As the summer brings life and the birds take to flight,
My sprit will be in the wind as they soar like a kite.
When my fellow friends of the animal kingdom take their last breaths,
I will greet them with honor and tell them not to fear death.
While my body is gone, and my friend’s hearts may feel broken,
Time will bring solace, and shared memories will be spoken.
Please don’t dwell on the sorrow of losing a friend,
For many more of my kind still need you to befriend.
Take this time to be grateful for all that we’ve shared,
I will never forget how you all graciously cared. 
A poem by CamFan

Seekpoints to our Wonky:

and the last sighting before he died ………….

All the tributes made to Wonky in the video section of the social network are so touching. I have decided not to write about each one as they are all amazing. They are all attached below. Enjoy.

Goodbye Wonky by Joyce

Dedicated to Wonky by Banditt

Wonky Tribute by Valorie

Find more videos like this on WildEarth.TV

Remebering Wonky by Blaze

Finally I am sure that you have noticed that we have had a bit of a mass exodus of staff recently. Simon as you know has left and should be landing back in the US at some point today. Herman and Pete Braat have gone on leave to Cape Town and Rex is on a well deserved break at Dixie. That leaves Pieter, Lieschen, Siphiwe, Rory and Marc Weiner. Marc has come to help us out for a while which is fantastic because he is hugely knowledgeable,  a great presenter and another pair of hands. Thanks Marc.