WE are very proud and privileged to WElcome one of the world’s most dedicated and prolific LIVE wildlife broadcasters onto the WE network and ecosystem … the Hancock Wildlife Foundation (HWF) www.hancockwildlife.org
They begin with two exciting cams coming LIVE from Hornby Island in the Georgia Strait off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. Both cams are positioned in a tree on a piece of land that belongs to Doug Carrick. It was Doug who first installed the cam over looking the nest and then worked with HWF and several others to begin broadcasting this amazing story in 2005. Almost straight away the pair of bald eagles and their mission to breed, captured the imagination of the world. It has been said that these cams were the most watched LIVE Internet streaming event up until that time.
Well HWF’s world famous Hornby Island cams are back again in 2009 and they are on WildEarth!
The same LIVE player will be embedded in the www.hancockwildlife.org website, where there is a huge amount of information about the cams, the eagles and so much more. There are also several very active forums where you can discuss the activities at these nests and all the cams that will be coming on line from Hancock Wildlife Forum.

David Hancock, the founder and leader of the foundation, is a world renowned biologist, writer, photographer, publisher, speaker and above all conservationist.
A big WE welcome to David, his foundation, the Hornby cams and the whole Hancock extended family.