WE are officially a TV channel in the UK!!!

Well, it has been 10 years in the making. Finally WE are a LIVE 24/7 TV channel. WE debuted on the SomethingTV IPTV (Internet Protocol TeleVision) platform in the United kingdom.I would like to extend a big warm WElcome to all the new TV viewers from SomethingTV on behalf of both the crew at WildEarth, [...]

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WE Highlights

Well this week has seen the addition of the Bald Eagles to the WildEarth site and what an amazing addition that is. I must admit I am blown away by their size and presence. At the moment they are few and far between because they have not yet laid their eggs. They are preparing the [...]

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Hancock Wildlife Foundation joins the WEfamily!

WE are very proud and privileged to WElcome one of the world's most dedicated and prolific LIVE wildlife broadcasters onto the WE network and ecosystem ... the Hancock Wildlife Foundation (HWF) www.hancockwildlife.orgThey begin with two exciting cams coming LIVE from Hornby Island in the Georgia Strait off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. Both [...]

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In-stream ads … and a new era.

A new day has dawned on the adventure of LIVE wildlife broadcasting.As many of you know, I have been slogging away at this concept for over 10 years, and today is a special day. Because WE are launching in-stream advertising today. That means that every 90 seconds a banner ad is going to appear at [...]

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