It has been an intensley frustrating few days, but there are a few reasons to be hopeful.
OK, firstly the mobile phones are working at Djuma again!! This is huge. It means that Herman doesn’t have to keep driving up to Gowrie gate every so often to make contact with the outside world. Also, Pete Braat has cut his break short by one day, flew from Cape Town to Nelspruit this morning, and is about 30 minutes out of Djuma right now.
Herman has managed to establish that the microwave link that gets our main Internet connection to Djuma (not the link that the LIVE stream goes out on) is ‘fried’! It would have been right in the path of the lightning bolt. A new one has been configured in Hoedspruit, but the technician wjo needs to bring it to Djuma and install it, is stuck on the wrong side of the Blyde river and is having to sandbag a crossing to get to us!! More on that in a few hours …
The main issue of course is our stream line to Pretoria. Well, after hours and hours on the phone I have finally managed to achieve a consensus that the Matis node is the problem and not our router … phew! As a result, Telkom is now trying to dispatch a technician from Nelspruit who will then replace the interface card in the Matis node, and with a bit of luck the stream will ‘pop up’ on your desktops moments later. :-)
WE know that you are all waiting around the world and hopefully it will not be for too much longer, although i do suspect that it will only happen tmorrow morning (hopefully in time for the AM drive). I would also like to apologise to our brand new client; SomethingTV for the delay of the launch of WildEarth.TV on your platform. WE promise to make it up with the best wildlife channel in the world … it’s in our nature.