How WE feel, is so important in our daily lives. WE think and do. . . speak, say, hear and listen. WE play, work and rest.
WE do so much everyday, but what WE feel is a part of us, as much as breathing, no matter what WE do.
The last 48 hours have showed me many feelings and thoughts, many of them unexpected and new. I believe it has done the same,  for you. . .you are feeling something right now, at this moment, that you could not have imagined two days ago.
Two mornings ago, when I heard about Wonky over the radio, whan I told Lieschen and you about it, I felt shocked and saddened in a way I could not have imaged or understood.
Later that morning Lieschen and I went there, to the the grass and the acacia trees, to the termite mound and Wonky’s carcass. We went to see, to maybe understand, and we went there to feel. I took some images while I stood there close to him, and realized that what he
was, had moved elsewhere. I realized that what I felt, was not lying there on the ground, but is what I feel right now. Wonkey was and is an amazing elephant, he became a friend, and the space he’d filled in me was not any emptier now, because I still felt  it.
I want to get to the point of these letters now, and it deals with the feelings I experienced, when I looked at those images I took then.
What I feel when I look at them still. I do not understand them, but I feel them. I am not going to try and explain this, because I can’t, but I did want to share them. These images are not happy or sad, they are not easy,pretty or ugly, but they will make you feel something.
I want to ask you, not to judge them, because I share them from the bottom of my heart, a place deep enough to carry emotions and share impressions not commonly felt. This may be distressing for some; hard, sad, shocking or difficult for others. They are what they are.
Pieter Pretorius
(Notes on images: Pieter and I have decided that these images should not be published in the normal way. So Pieter is going to put them up in an album on his Facebook profile. If you are not yet friends with Pieter please add him here. Please respect that these images are not like others. They are of a dead friend and Pieter has decided to share them out of love. They are however harrowing and I suggest that you do not go looking for them without thinking about it first.)