something is coming @ the waterhole …

The team have been working hard for days to prepare the new position for the waterhole camera at Gowrie dam, and it looks like WE will have it in this evening. The dam is officially full after an above average rainfall (late rains) this summer. As a result Djuma will not be pumping water to the [...]

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The Jigga is sick. :(

This morning the Jigga (our trusty game drive vehicle) hit a bit of a snag. The release bearing on the clutch gave up the ghost after years and years of tough service. As a result the clutch plate and pressure plate failed as well. Rexon immediately removed the whole gear box (no mean feat in very little [...]

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Water for Dixie and the 24 hour safari!!

It has been some time since I updated everyone on the Water for Dixie project, but that does not mean nothing has been happening. As you all know WE won second and third place in the Amazee Bucket competition in January this year, and as a result received a donation of $5,000 towards our project. WEangels have [...]

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Karula and cubs hunting.

Imagine the moment, when suddenly you see something, sense something, experience something even better than you were hoping for. . .WE have all been excitedly, and maybe even anxiously, waiting for news on Karula's new youngsters. Friday night's drive surprised us with Karula (and the Mapogos), and once again our hopes rose and WE all wondered [...]

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