A cat got the Robin family!

Well this was sad. A few nights ago a cat got into the Robin nest and killed the whole family. :( Now usually WE get excited if a cat makes a kill, but somehow this time it felt different. Just goes to show how we all tend to see an event from the perspective of the [...]

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Bald Eagles on Catalina Island

WOW what a day it has been for WE!! Another two Bald Eagle nests, this time from Catalina Island off the coast of California, USA. Brought to us by our newest WEproducer: the Institute for Wildlife Studies , represented by Dr. Peter Sharpe. The Two Harbours nestThis nest is part of the Channel Islands Bald Eagle Restoration [...]

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Wolf River Underwater.

WildEarth is proud to invite Gary Bunnell from Shiocton, Wisconsin, USA to the WEfamily along with his 3 underwater cameras in the Wolf River. Gary owns and runs the www.wolfrivercam.com website and WE have kind of been calling his cams the WRC cams.The Wolf River originates from Pine Lake in Hiles, WI where it measures [...]

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Changes …

One of the beautiful things of seasons, is the changes. Not only the colours and the weather, but also the very fabric of the air around us. In our case, WE also know it is not only the bush, but also the wildlife that changes. More and more WE'll arrive at the waterholes and find various [...]

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