Well this was sad. A few nights ago a cat got into the Robin nest and killed the whole family. :( 
Now usually WE get excited if a cat makes a kill, but somehow this time it felt different. Just goes to show how we all tend to see an event from the perspective of the characters we like to watch. A real lesson. Anyway it is 100% natural. It is in the cats instinct to hunt, the birds were nesting outdoors and able to get away as much as they would have in the forest, savannah or jungle.
Tony has quickly set the cam up on a Great Tit nest, and the parents are working very very hard to feed their fast growing chicks. It won’t be long before they fly away and begin their lives. Do pop in on this cam and take a look before they have gone. You often get to see one of the parents coming back and feeding the chicks during daylight hours. Hopefully they will make it.
WE learnt a few lessons this week. Pre-roll ads are not popular. Well that is the understatement of the year. WE tried running these ads at the beginning of all our live streams and you, the viewers, let us know in no uncertain terms that you did NOT like them. WE thought it might all settle down, but it did not, and WE have taken the decision to remove them. Clearly that form of advertising is not suitable for what WE do.
Well Djuma is creeping closer and closer to the middle of winter and WE are seeing less and less daylight at our only African location. So with this is mind WE have decided to make the morning drive leave a half hour later in the mornings at 06h30 CAT (Central African Time) and ending at 09h30.
There are a whole bunch of new cams coming, that are being prepped in the background, could be as many as 20 new streams by the end of next week. Its all very exciting.