For the past little while you may have noticed some strange goings on with our stream out of Africa. Random freezing and very weird fast forwarding suddenly, and we have noticed that our stream has sometimes gotten as much as a minute or two behind LIVE. For days WE have been trying to track this problem (thank you all for your tracerts to ). WE have established that the problem is not at any of the servers, encoder or viewer links. In fact WE (or rather Pete) isolated it as the link between South Africa and the United Kingdom. Then after WE discussed this problem with Telkom it emerged that there has been some kind of partial failure on the undersea cable between SA and the UK (SAT3) and everyone is scrambling around trying to figure out what is going on.
Tomorrow morning WE are going to see if our line can be rerouted and if not alternative plans are being made to make sure that the Fire Side Chat tomorrow night with William Fox from the Ingwe Leopard Project and ResearchCam at 18h15 CAT is 100% OK. 
However, the AM:safari (game drive) tomorrow the 24th July, in just over 6 hours, has been cancelled because WE know that the stream will be poor.
Sorry about this, but what can WE say … c’est la vie … its in our nature. :)
Also, please stay tuned to this Blog, there are several BIG announcements coming very soon … including a new channel on WE from Pennsylvania, and a slew of improvements at Djuma. Plus there are some really exciting new shows in the pipeline … WE are about to grow again …