Patrick’s Race

Patrick was the second ranger to run the race. He did very well, in spite of a delay for rain. All his animals (with spines of course) were identified almost straight away and he ended up with 39 positively identified animals. This puts him slightly behind Rexon. Here are his results ...15h33 Human Being 15h33 [...]

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Rexon’s Race

This afternoon, in the first leg of Ranger Race 3, Rexon managed to see the following list of animals. However, there are 5 sightings that have not yet been positively identified. If when you visit the hotspots, you can make a positive species ID, please send them in to before the end (09h00 CAT) of the [...]

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Wild Dogs and the next step

As most of you know the wild dog pack that are in the blue canyon conservancy and are being monitored by ResearchCam's webcam have moved from their den site. The last time WE saw them was on Monday 7th September and since then they have been seen on the move. However a few days ago [...]

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Walala Wasala from Dixie – LIVE

Tonight (Wednesday 16th September 2009 @ 18h30CAT) WE are broadcasting an amazing Walala Wasala directly from Dixie Village. For those of you who don't know Walala Wasala is our weekly LIVE show that gives you a glimpse into the lives of the African people. It is presented by Rexon Ntimane who is a member of [...]

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