This afternoon, in the first leg of Ranger Race 3, Rexon managed to see the following list of animals. However, there are 5 sightings that have not yet been positively identified. If when you visit the hotspots, you can make a positive species ID, please send them in to before the end (09h00 CAT) of the next drive, the AM:safari (starting at 06h00 CAT (Central African Time)). Remember all animals with a spine count (Vertebrates).

15h30 Human being
15h38 Impala
15h41 ??? Hotspot
15h41 Egyptian Goose
15h42 Blue Wildebeest
15h44 Dwarf Mongoose
15h45 Helmeted Terrapin
15h48 Lilac-breasted Roller
15h51 Burchell’s Zebra
15h56 Blacksmith Lapwing
15h57 Steenbok
16h00 ??? Hotspot
16h01 Fork-tailed Drongo
16h05 ??? Hotspot 
16h10 Waterbuck
16h13 Cape Glossy Starling
16h13 Little Bee-eater
16h18 Emerald-spotted Wood-dove
16h23 Cape Turtle-Dove
16h24 Tree Squirrel
16h27 Crested Barbet
16h32 ??? Hotspot
16h34 Brown-hooded Kingfisher
16h41 Red-billed Hornbill
16h45 Leopard
16h49 Cape Buffalo
17h01 Grey Go-away-bird
17h06 Helmeted Guineafowl
17h07 Blakc-crowned Tchagra
17h16 ??? Hotspot
17h16 Wahlberg’s Eagle
17h16 Black-capped Bulbul
17h18 Nyala
17h19 Crested Francolin
17h23 Laughing Dove
17h27 Elephant
17h53 Southern Giraffe
18h00 Hadeda Ibis
18h07 Spotted Hyaena
18h11 Vervet Monkey
18h18 Scrub Hare
18h18 Water Thick-knee
18h19 Chacma Baboon
18h29 Yellow-billed hornbill
18h27 Lesser Bushbaby

So Rex has a possible 45 animals, but you need to identify the 5 ???s by 09h00 CAT tomorrow morning.
Good luck, and happy surfing. :)