Summer is well and truly here and so the sun is rising earlier and setting later.This is when WE change our drive times. The morning drive will go our half an hour earlier at 05h30CAT (03h30GMT, 23h30 EST, 20h30PST) and the afternoon drive will also leave half an hour later at 16h00CAT (14h00GMT, 10h00EST, 07h00PST). As a result of this the night safari will also have to leave half an hour later at 19h30CAT (17h30GMT, 13h30EST, 10h30PST). Just to remind you the night drives only go out on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. From now on the Wednesday night Walala Wasala and the Friday and Sunday night Fire Side Chats will be broadcast at 19h15CAT (17h15GMT, 13h15EST, 10h15PST).
Rexon has gone on a well deserved break for two weeks and therefore Walala Wasala will be off for this time. Herman is back in a few days and Peter Braat will be leaving us for a break next week.