Marc got out there and worked very hard, but unfortunately he was not able to catch up with Pieter’s score. He did come second, and I guess he can’t win every race. :)

Well done Marc for getting 45 positively identified animals with a spine!

15h35 Red-billed Buffalo-weaver
15h35 Brubru
15h35 Yellow-billed Hornbill
15h35 Southern Black Tit
15h39 Southern Black Flycatcher
15h40 Red-headed Weaver
15h40 Fork-tailed Drongo
15h43 White-crested Helmet-shrike
15h47 Impala
15h47 Red-billed Oxpecker
15h50 Human Being
15h52 Lilac-breasted Roller
16h02 Little Banded Goshawk
16h05 Black-headed Oriole
16h08 Grey Heron
16h09 Magpie Shrike
16h12 Grey Duiker
16h16 Waterbuck
16h16 Blue Wildebeest
16h17 Emerald-spotted Wood-dove
16h22 Burchell’s Zebra
16h25 Hippopotamus
16h27 Cape Turtle-dove
16h28 Cape Glossy Starling
16h31 Red-billed Hornbill
16h32 White-browed Scrub-robin
16h32 Crested Francolin
16h42 Tree Squirrel
16h44 Nyala
16h49 Vervet Monkey
16h50 Wattled Starling
16h50 Grey Go-away-bird
16h53 Blacksmith Lapwing
16h58 Wahlberg’s Eagle
17h07 Barred Owlet
17h10 Egyptian Goose
17h10 Cape Buffalo
17h29 Hadeda Ibis
17h31 Burchell’s Starling
17h33 Helmeted Guineafowl
17h34 Chacma Baboon
17h35 Mozambique Tilapia
17h55 Arrow-marked Babbler
18h28 Fiery-necked Nightjar
18h30 Steenbok