David Hancock and the Hancock Wildlife Foundation Eagle Cams.
David Hancock from the Hancock Wildlife Foundation is streaming two new cameras onto WE and there are more to come. David is eagle man and true to style these are both eagle related. The first is called Chehalis Platform Cam. This is a camera that has been placed on a platform on the Chehalis Flats.
Eagle Point camera tower - Chehalis River Estuary
The Chehalis Flats are at the end of the Chehalis River that comes from the northwest in British Columbia. This river and the Harrison River contain some of the richest salmon spawning shallows in the world. All five salmon thrive here along with steelhead and rainbow trout. Spawning season is happening right now and thousands of salmon carcasses are being washed down the river system to feed the eagles. David Hancock has set up platforms along the estuary to allow you to watch the eagles and other wildlife feeding on the spawning salmon. In the past more than 1000 eagles have been seen in this area on a single day so these cameras promise to be phenomenal.

In addition to the estuary cameras, they have an underwater camera (seen as Chehalis trout cam on WildEarth) in the spawning channel at the entrance to the Chehalis fish hatchery. This gives spectacular live views of these fish under the water.

During the Eagle Festival (November 20th,21st) David will hopefully be featuring some video taken by hand-held cameras in and around the Tapedira area to the West of the Estuary. Included in these they are hoping to have interviews with and commentaries by local naturalists and conservationists.
To find out more about this project and more go to www.hancockwildlife.org
David continues to broadcast from OWL cam one and two and Sidney cam one and two. Both of these have been incredible and WE were very honoured to get them on our site at the beginning of this year. Recently eagles have been seen at the nests again preparing for the next season, so watch this space.

Doug Carrick’s Hornby Island Eagle Cam

Doug Carrick’s Hornby Island Eagle Cam is back for the 2009-2010 season. This very special pair of bald eagles are already back in the nest and yesterday they were seen moving sticks and twigs around to make the nest habitable again. The nest was discovered in 2006 and has been broadcasting ever since. This glimpse into the lives of a pair of bald eagles is amazing and WE are honoured to have it on our site. For more info on these eagles go to www.hornbyeagles.com

Pot Plant Owl
Alan and Tracey woke up one morning in Johannesburg, South Africa and looked out onto their balcony to find an owl staring back at them from a pot plant just outside their bedroom window. It was a spotted eagle owl and it remained there the whole day. As night came this magnificent bird of prey flew off into the darkness. The next day she was back and has remained there ever since. On August 21st 2009 she laid the first of three eggs in the pot plant. The male bird comes in regularly to help raise the chicks and Alan and Tracy share their living space with these wonderful birds. Now we have a camera watching these birds live as they go about their daily business. It offers insight into their feeding patterns both as tiny chicks and as mature adults. You can watch the special bond she has with these chicks and watch this incredible piece of nature unfold. To find out more about the story log on to www.potplantowl.co.za.

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