Many of you will have seen Pieter Fire Side chat from last night where he played some great videos made by you, the viewers. The quality and creativeness of the videos made by you never cease to astound me. They really are incredible and WE thanks you for putting so much time and energy into them so that everyone else can enjoy them.

Elephant Video by Banditt
Well what can I say, this is truly creative. The black and white picture with fast pans and handy cam feel gives it a truly modern feeling and is incredibly funky. I think the Michael Jackson music goes brilliantly and love the constant two shots of elephants and people. All together it looks like an extremely creative advert mixed with a home video – brilliant. Well done Bandit, you have yet to make a bad video.
All in a day by David Keen.
Thanks David for this lovely feel good video. It truly captures the beauty of the African bush and the music is so therapeutic. Its the kid of video you want to watch when you are having a bad day. It also shows the sheer extent of things to see in the bush in one day. Great.
Looking Back by David Keen
Karula and her two cubs Induna and Mixo have become part of the furniture on WildEarth. This video shows when they had just been born and I agree with Dave, it seems like yesterday. WE have literally been with them every step of the way as they have grown up. This video is great as it shows many different instances where we have seen this family and some where they have been very close to the vehicle. It will stay with us forever and add to the history of these wonderful cubs. Thanks Dave.
Oldie by Edpbs
This video is a lot of fun and very enjoyable to watch. However, the creativeness is brilliant. The fact that you have graded it to look like it was filmed in a different decade is great. I also love the editing and especially the use of speed. Brilliant, well done on an extremely well produced video.
This is classic. Our resident vervet monkeys are scared of the leopard on the screen in the FCC. Our FCC has big glass wondows and they sit on the fence outide the room and alarm call at the monitors. It gives me a good idea. lets record a picture of a leopard, play it on a loop and put it on a big screen in the camp. Hopefully we will never have any problems with these pesky monkey’s again! Thanks Pete for recording this, very funny.