As WE move from the heat of summer into the beauty of Autumn, WildEarth is also changing. Some of you will have watched the Fire Side Chat on Sunday night in which Graham announced a whole lot of things that are going on and also introduced you to a bunch of new people. For those of you who missed it, check it out on our archives.

Will Fox will be taking over the day to day management of the Safari side of our business at Djuma, as a partner in the new LIVE production company. He will run the daily safaris, manage the crew and make sure that you get the best immersive safari experience that anyone can offer. His wife Carol will be behind the scenes running the unpleasant yet nonetheless crucial stuff such as finances and scheduling.

We have five new staff members, four who have already started. Kathryn and Jared are a couple who have had a huge amount of bush experience but also carry some great creative skill. Both are fantastic at camera and Jared is a seriously experienced guide. Together they will take the bush by storm and will be the next wildlife film couple to hit the industry.

Caroline Samules is a TV expert with many many years of producing experience in the LIVE space. She will keep the team together and make sure that once again you get the best African adventure out there.

Alexander Voz is an IT specialist with a flair for editing. He will be creating non live highlights for you and never again will you not able to catch up on what has happened in the last 24 hours.

Finally Tara Pirie will be joining us on 12th March. She will also be presenting and her knowledge and enthusiasm is second to none. She will be a fantastic addition and a real honour to finally have a girl presenting on WE!!

Kathryn will be writing a regular blog on so don’t miss it. I will still update you here as to what is going on over there at, as well as with all the other WE producers, but if you want regular updates then go there.