Bill Powers who owns Pix Controller has been really busy with his Pennsylvanian Woods cameras over the past few months. Below he has written about some interesting sightings and given more info on what is going on. There is some great video to go with it as well. Enjoy and thanks Bill.

We are now streaming three wildlife cameras and we are starting to see a lot of wildlife activity as summer is ending and cooler temperatures are moving in. One of the most interesting sights we have seen is this whitetail “deer family”. For the past four months we have been seeing a buck, doe, and fawn feeding together. This is very odd since the whitetail buck, males, are not monogamous. We had a few theories posted on our Facebook page that the doe and buck may have been birth twins and reunited for the summer. In any case this was a rare event to view for such a long period of time. However, the whitetail breeding season is about to get underway and we suspect this family will break up soon.
Deer Family Video: 
Another interesting sighting was a fawn that bedded down in front of wildlife camera #2 one afternoon. The fawn was caught sleeping for several hours. On occasion we have seen deer bed close to our main PTZ camera, but only for brief periods of time. It was a real treat to have the fawn bed so close to the camera for the viewers to watch.
Fawn Bedded Video: 
Although the bird nesting season has come to an end in our area we did notice that something built a nest in one of our large nest boxes. We installed a camera in the nest box and found that a gray squirrel was sleeping there occasionally at night. We have the camera signal running back to webcam base station, and when we see the nest is occupied we switch the feed from wildlife camera #3 to broadcast the nest box. Typically the squirrel will sleep in the nest box about once a week, and just for the night time hours.
Squirrel In Nest Box Video:
The wild turkey are back. We didn’t see any flocks of hens with poults this summer. However, lately we have seen a flock of hens and grown poults regularly on wildlife camera #1 and #2. We have also been seeing a bachelor group of Tom, male, turkey feeding on several of the remote motion-activated cameras.
Bachelor Group of Turkey Feeding video:

Written by Bill Powers