Gosa gang politics

Over the past few weeks we’ve been walking with the meerkats and learning their mannerisms and individual characters. But all is not as smooth as it seems, and like any community in nature the Meerkat groups also undergo shifts and splits.Let’s quickly focus on the neighbours of the Gosa gang who are known as the [...]

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The rebirth of the Kalahari

Young Wildebeest at playAnd they call this a desert! We have experienced so much rain here that I am very tempted to swap the Ganda for a hovercraft! Truth be told though, the amount of rainfall here has been way above average. With the rain comes new life and the Kalahari is as green as [...]

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The Neanderthal vs. The knowledgeable Neanderthal

During my earlier days of working in the bush, I was crazy-mad about everything. I had to see it, smell it, track it, touch it and possibly engage with it for no reason other than the fact that I could. One thing was missing though. Through my adventures (both on land and underwater) in Botswana, [...]

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As they say in Italy: You padda da familia now eh?

Working with the meerkats is like courting a young lass; you need  to gently sidle up to them, ease into their life and treat them with a lot of respect, otherwise they’ll bolt into the sunset leaving you in a cloud of dust and having to start all over again the next day!  Meerkats have [...]

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Special Places, Special Experiences

The Kalahari is undeniably a very special place.  And watching meerkats go about their daily business of surviving in this environment has to be right up there with the most absorbing experiences one can find in the natural world.  Yes, I finally managed to spend some quality time with the Gosa meerkat gang and they [...]

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The dawn of the Kalahari reveals a Tequila Sunrise

At last it has arrived! Our meerkat camera rig named Tequila Sunrise! The first EVER of its kind, the WildEarth crew are seriously excited about it! Lightweight and complete with monitor, stereo microphone, 3D film cameras, live streaming uplink and a push-to-talk function so that we can talk live to our viewers, the only thing [...]

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