Ah it feels good to be blogging again! Humblest of apologies though, I’ve been exceptionally busy these last few weeks!

Anyways, I have some exciting news for you!! Obviously, the WildEarth crew and I are out in the Kalahari 24/7 filming meerkats in 3D for our Kalahari Meerkats 3D Series. Now, as you know we’ve also made this process Live so that you can follow our crew through the Southern Kalahari at Tswalu Kalahari Reserve while we film the everyday goings-on of our Gosa Meerkat Gang. Sure, being Live is not easy and we have had a few technical wobbles here and there, but we’ve sorted all that out and now we are ready to implement the next level on our Live meerkat cam (Or the MeerCam as some of you have aptly named it!).

From Monday the 19th you will be able to email the crew out in the field and ask them any questions relating to the meerkats or the Kalahari! AND that’s not all! We will try and reply to you LIVE on air! Obviously we can’t answer everyone’s questions, but we’ll do our best! So it’s a simple process really:

  1. Email your meerkat or Kalahari related question to
  2. Our Live crew will receive your email while out in the field
  3. If your email is chosen, the cameraman will do his best to answer your question LIVE
  4. You sit back in your chair knowing that your question was answered and that you’re a part of one of the most amazing Live experiences ever!

Now, I think that’s pretty cool! The crew love sharing their experiences with you our Live audience, so lets take it to the next level!

Alas, a short blog, but an important one!

Rob’s Song for the Day: Stand and Deliver – Adam and the Ants

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