The crew at Thornybush Game Reserve are chomping at the bit to go LIVE and share the beauty of this magnificent piece of African bush with all of you. Not everything is fully in place and tested yet. But, as those of you who  have been with us for a long time know, WE believe there is no test like a LIVE test!
Yesterday and today we have been doing some extensive tweaking and we believe WE are ready for this next step. Between drives we will still be working on extending our signal range, improving picture quality, and streamlining operations, but there’s no reason we can’t do this while also broadcasting.
So, join us on Thursday, May 16th at 06:30 Central African Time (0430 UTC) as we set out to discover the many wonders Thornybush Game Reserve has to offer, starting with the area surrounding our basecamp. Driving around the area today we already had some great sightings and saw several leopard tracks, so we’re hopeful we might be in for some great encounters from the get-go. Make sure you’re on the jigga, so you won’t miss any of it.
And, above all, tune in on time to be the first to find out who our new presenter is...

Drive times: 06:30 – 09:30 CAT and 15:00 – 17:30 CAT

Watch it here:                  

(Ustream viewing to be added soon.)