WE are super privileged to have the Teens 4 Oceans (T4O) and View Into The Blue’s (VITB) underwater Grand Cayman cam on our platform. You can visit the cam directly here: beta.member4.mystagingwebsite.com/cam/grand-cayman-east-end

The Grand Cayman East End cam is deployed at the East End of Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean. It is situated just inside the fringe reef, 952 meters from the dock at Ocean Frontiers Dive Resort. The webcam is solar powered and the video stream is a wireless link from a floating platform. The instrument is a HD54-PTZ-cs2 self-cleaning camera with CleanSweep™. Tours of the reef are scheduled every ten minutes. and the video stream is used for a number of different educational and research purposes. Please visit Teens4Oceans for more information.

During T4O’s most recent trip to the East End in February 2014, students had the opportunity to witness and learn about the research of two scientists who joined us for our stay on the island. Dr. Yannis Papastamatiou of the University of St. Andrews shared his stories and videos of his deep wall survey for a future study of deep water coral reef ecosystems (specifically mesophotic coral ecosystems, or MCEs, as he described in this blog post). Students also had the opportunity to learn about the patented Biorock technology developed by Dr. Tom Goreau of the Global Coral Reef Allicance directly from Dr. Goreau himself. A prototype Biorock dome structure was placed near the Cayman Cam and can be viewed on the camera’s 360-degree tour of the reef. Read more about the plans for this project in this related blog post.