WildEarth would like welcome the ‘OwlCamGuy’ and his Owl Channel to our growing group of passionate live wildlife broadcasters. 

The OwlChannel is the home of a family of wild barn owls. The owl box is located on the property of a home in Chula Vista, CA, USA and is known among its followers as The Hideout. It has two cameras inside it. Two other boxes on the property, The Lookout and The Outpost, house outside cameras. Together these four camera allow viewers to follow the coming and going both inside and outside of the HideOut in great detail.

The current pair of Barn Owls, Hans and Didi, tried for the their clutch in March of 2014 but were unfortunately unsuccessful. They are now back and have been seen mating, so we’re crossing our fingers for more success in the next breeding season.

The cameras can be viewed on member4.mystagingwebsite.com as well as the OwlChannel’s own website. Checking out and liking the OwlChannel’s FaceBook page is another good way to easily follow Hans and Didi’s continuing adventures.