photo Rafael Garcia

Well the day has finally arrived … LIVE safaris at Djuma and Arathusa!!! :-)

Today at 16h00 CAT [Central African Time] WE will be going out on our first LIVE drive of this series. This will be around 09h00 EST [Eastern Standard Time] … remember that the United States moved from daylight savings time today. Expect the drive at 06h00 Pacific.

We will be driving for 3 hours per game drive and so will end at 19h00 CAT [12h00 EST and 09h00 PST].

There will also be another show each day in the African morning, which we are going to call: “the sunrise drive/safari”. This LIVE broadcast will begin at 06h00 CAT and run for 3 hours till 09h00 CAT. 23h00 to 02h00 EST and 20h00 to 23h00 PST.

All safari shows will be broadcast on WildEarth [] and on NatGeo [] both the sunrise and sunset safaris.

Please remember that you can email questions through to our final control at we will also be monitoring #SafariLive on Twitter so if you are tweeting don’t forget to use this hashtag.

Above all we need you all to appreciate that this is our first rehearsal safari and there are going to be problems, technical gremlins and a lot of learning and catching up. Please be gentle with us …