This cam on which it happened is located in Harrisburg, Missouri, and is something new for WildEarth as it is not a wild cam. It features ewes, reared by young Caleb as part of a 4-H project ( 
Caleb showed his first lamb three years ago, and then purchased two ewes and a ram a year later. These ewes each had twins, and he showed the best one at the 4-H County Show, this past summer. He added two more ewes this summer, and is hoping for a total of eight lambs to be born this year. As Caleb and his family cannot monitor them around the clock, he has asked us for our help with this as they get closer to giving birth to their lambs and alert them (his mom) once we see a birth starting. The e-mail a notification can be sent to is:  and this will be automatically forwarded to Caleb’s mom.
Well, the first three of them were born last night and Caleb and his mom were alerted in time by a shepherd on the Gotland Island off of the coast of Sweden! This happened at 2:37 AM Missouri time and without the alert they would have missed the event.
Hopefully more lambs will arrive and as ewes often give birth fairly close together we might be in for an exciting numbers of days or weeks here! Check out the camera at, follow #birthwatch on Twitter and like the cam’s Facebook page.
Click on the images below to watch videomarks of the births: