On March 3, we were treated to an amazing wild dog sighting, featuring Scott, Brent, Bryan and Andrew. With both vehicles on the road again, the team was able to track, follow and capture amazing footage of the fleet-footed pack of seven dogs.

The pack was first spotted on that day’s AM drive, while Scott and Bryan were tracking a leopard. Thankfully, one of the dogs popped their head up from some tall grass and Scott spotted them. The dogs were lazily lying about, grooming and bonding with each other and didn’t look to be going anywhere.

That afternoon Scott and Andrew went back to the area in Impala Plains where the dogs were that morning, and found them in more or less the same spot. They stayed at the sighting while Brent and Bryan were on the trail of Brent’s first leopard sighting at Djuma.

While the leopard eluded Brent, the dogs slowly started waking up and preparing to move off. Scott gave the other team the signal to join them at the sighting. The dogs took off, excitedly greeting each other with high pitched calls. They went running off into some thicker vegetation, pausing to sniff the air and listen for potential threats or prey, then set off again. An elephant bull approached from where Scott was following and provided us with another great sighting.

The pack sniffed out some impala, causing much excitement. The dogs were off at a start, chasing them, splitting the herd, but did not make a kill. The pack came back together and continued their journey northwards.

Brent left the group tracking ‘his favourite animal’ to go searching for signs of the leopard again, while Scott followed the pack. The dogs ran off into some thicker vegetation again, making spotting them difficult. By sunset they had disappeared, ending an amazing sighting for the team and all who experienced it.