The Barefoot Professor says goodbye

Our very own Barefoot Professor, Re-Marcable Marc Weiner, has decided the time has come to say goodbye to his many fans at WildEarth. After seven-and-a-half years he will be hanging up his hat.This is truly the end of an era as Marc has been with us from almost the beginning. From his first WildEarth drive [...]

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#EagleWATCH Update

The eaglets are growing fast and doing well at the nest sites. There have been some losses, with eggs failing and an unfortunate incident of an eaglet falling from the Two Harbors nest. This is sad news for parents Justice, the male (#K-81) and Liberty, the female (#K-82).The White Rock nest's two eaglets are doing [...]

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#FalconWATCH Update

The Peregrine falcons are doing well with their new chicks. The Great Spirit Bluff nest is hopping with four little balls of fluffy feathers, chirping for attention from parents Michelle and Travis. After hatching on the 7th and 8th of May, their chicks are being well fed and tended to.The nest at the University of [...]

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#FalconWATCH Begins

The Peregrine falcons of the Cathedral Falcons and Great Spirit Bluff nest cams, both have eggs and hatches are imminent!The pair at Great Spirit Bluff have a clutch of 4 eggs, one noticeably paler in colour than the rest, and the female falcon, Michelle is currently at the nest. The Cathedral Falcons pair, Dorothy and [...]

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Red Wolf Mom Welcomes 7 Pups

Exciting times ahead at the Wolf Conservation Center in Westchester County, New York. On May 2, red wolf F1563, also known as Salty, gave birth to a litter of 7 pups. The 6 males and 1 female have been examined, are healthy and being looked after in the den by mom.This critcally endangered species, of [...]

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