The eaglets are growing fast and doing well at the nest sites. There have been some losses, with eggs failing and an unfortunate incident of an eaglet falling from the Two Harbors nest. This is sad news for parents Justice, the male (#K-81) and Liberty, the female (#K-82).

The White Rock nest’s two eaglets are doing well, and are fed regularly. They have lost all the white, downy feathers they hatched with. Dubbed Kilo and Lima, they have already had some excitement in their short lives, with intruders being chased off by Mom and Dad.

The nest at Humboldt Bay has two eaglets, E1 and E2. Their mother is very attentive, staying with them while their father flies out for food. Known as Mr and Mrs, they are very hands-on parents.

Mr and Mrs Honeycomb at the Harrison Mills nest have their two eaglets well in hand. Driver (hatched April 29) and Putter (hatched May 3), have some growing to do, with Putter being much smaller than the older sibling.

The lone Delta 3 eaglet, called Uno, is doing well. Ma and Pa keep them well fed and protected. After the only other egg failed to hatch, the eaglet received all the attention and it shows. The eaglet seems healthy and has grown quite large.

The eaglet in the West End nest is also healthy and growing well. Parents #K-91 (mom) and #K-01 (dad) also known as Thunder and Superman respectively, are often out hunting and the little one, called Lunar, can be seen sleeping alone in the nest.

We should be able to see the fledging process begin for the earliest hatches in the next 4 to 6 weeks. Join the conversation by tweeting your thoughts using the hashtag #EagleWATCH. This really is an exciting time for the bald eagles of our cams.