The Peregrine falcons are doing well with their new chicks. The Great Spirit Bluff nest is hopping with four little balls of fluffy feathers, chirping for attention from parents Michelle and Travis. After hatching on the 7th and 8th of May, their chicks are being well fed and tended to.

The nest at the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning is home to Dorothy and E2 and thus far only one of their eggs has hatched. Another egg cracked and Dorothy removed the half-formed chick from the nest. The remaining 2 eggs are likely to deteriorate and be removed from the nest in coming days.

Given Dorothy’s advanced age of 16 years, chances are this is her last clutch of eggs and her last chick. What she has accomplished is nothing short of amazing, having fledged 42 healthy falcons. This little one, who hatched on Mother’s Day will be her 43rd and closely watched by viewers of the cam. Be sure to join the conversation with the hashtag #FalconWATCH and share your thoughts with us on Twitter and Facebook.