Our very own Barefoot Professor, Re-Marcable Marc Weiner, has decided the time has come to say goodbye to his many fans at WildEarth. After seven-and-a-half years he will be hanging up his hat.
This is truly the end of an era as Marc has been with us from almost the beginning. From his first WildEarth drive back in December of 2008, through the WildEarth Safari days and the Thornybush safaris, and, most recently, for the #safariLIVE series.
It’s been a true pleasure having Marc around throughout these years. There are so many fond memories, and he has taught us all so much. The depth of his knowledge of in particular the smaller, often ignored, parts of nature is truly incredible. And his spiritual connection with elephants is also something we’ll never forget. But, most of all, it’s his love for the bush and his passion for being out there and sharing it with so many across the globe that stands out and what makes so many love him.
It will thus be a sad day for many when Marc finishes his last drive next week (Monday’s Sunset drive), but we all do wish him the very best on whichever path his trusty Landy will take him.
Marc, we are a truly grateful for all you’ve given to us and our viewers, your fans, over the years. 
Hamba kahle, dear friend!

Photo courtesy of Marc Weiner, first video courtesy of DaisysPlace2