#EagleWATCH: Branching Bald Eagles

The young eagles have begun to branch, with the siblings in the White Rock nest, Kilo and Lima leading the way. The two eaglets can be seen moving about the nest bowl, moving errant sticks and feeding.K58 in the Two Harbors nest is growing well and can be seen perched on nearby rocks, and wandering [...]

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Satellite troubles

This morning we discovered the satellite link was not working which meant we were not able to start broadcasting the Sunrise Drive. Troubleshooting and contact with the satellite operator revealed that the BUC on the satellite had stopped working. (The BUC is the part that sits at the focal point in front of the satellite [...]

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It’s Falcon Fledging Week

The Great Spirit Bluff Peregrine falcons have started to fledge. The first, thought to be one of the males, known as Rusty, took off in the middle on the night on Sunday. His siblings, Garrett, Elizabeth and Nina, are following suit, each taking their turn to perch next to or on top of the nestbox.Fuzzy, [...]

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#FalconWATCH: Progress Report

It's all great news for the Peregrine falcons this week. All the chicks are active and are losing their downy feathers.Fuzzy, Dorothy and E2's chick at the Cathedral Falcons nest has completely turned around, growing much larger since our last update and has started to catch up to its counterparts in the Great Spirit Bluff [...]

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#EagleWATCH: Progress Report

Since our last update on May 22, there has been a loss, but the remaining eaglets have grown so much more and have been spotted stretching their wings.Sadly Lunar, the eaglet at the West End nest, died shortly after being removed from the nest for banding. The experienced and caring people at the Institute for [...]

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WE Welcomes James Hendry

WildEarth is excited to welcome James Hendry to our team this month. Our regular viewers will have already seen him out and about on SafariLIVE, but here's some background information on the newest addition to our safaris.James grew up in Johannesburg and was schooled at St John’s College. He has an honours degree in science from [...]

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