Since our last update on May 22, there has been a loss, but the remaining eaglets have grown so much more and have been spotted stretching their wings.

Sadly Lunar, the eaglet at the West End nest, died shortly after being removed from the nest for banding. The experienced and caring people at the Institute for Wildlife Studies (IWS) have never had a loss like this before and it is not known why or how this happened. A necropsy will be conducted and the results should be in within the next few weeks.

Kilo and Lima, in the White Rock nest are almost the same size as their parents. They have been fed and well looked after and Mom and Dad’s hard work has paid off.

After the loss of one of their eaglets, Justice and Liberty at the Two Harbors nest have paid close attention their remaining little one, who isn’t so little anymore. The female, who has been tagged and banded, is K-58. She is strong and healthy, and protested when IWS’s Peter Sharpe removed her from the nest to fit her with her new accessories.

The Humboldt Bay eaglets, E1 and E2 are looking well and are being regularly fed, with Mr and Mrs staying close to the nest should the young ones need them.

Putter and Driver, the eaglets in the Harrison Mills nest are still going strong. Driver is still the larger of the two, but Putter is growing and should catch up by the time they begin to fledge.

The Delta 3 eaglet, known as Uno, has only grown bigger since our last update and can be seen exercising her wings, preening and enjoying frequent feeds.

Branching is likely to begin in the next 2 weeks for some of the eagles, so be sure to join and follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #EagleWATCH, and like us on Facebook to keep up with the bald eagles and their progress.