The Great Spirit Bluff Peregrine falcons have started to fledge. The first, thought to be one of the males, known as Rusty, took off in the middle on the night on Sunday. His siblings, Garrett, Elizabeth and Nina, are following suit, each taking their turn to perch next to or on top of the nestbox.

Fuzzy, at the Cathedral Falcons nest, is much smaller than we’d hoped they’d beat this stage, but has been seen wingersizing and perching on the astro-turf covered ledge of the nestbox. 
They are growing but still much smaller than the Great Spirit Bluff four and might only fledge in coming weeks, when their wings are strong enough to make the first flight attempts. 
Nevertheless, the young falcon has made great progress, and if they stay on track, should continue to surprise us. Follow the conversation about these extraordinary birds on Twitter, using the hashtag #FalconWATCH and have your say on our Facebook page as well.