As of Wednesday, October 7th, 2015, the sunset SafariLIVE will begin at 5:30am and end at 8:30am (UTC/GMT+2). The sunset drive will move to 4:00pm and end at 7:00pm.

These changes will ensure that the Sunrise drives start early enough, with sunrise being earlier in our summer months, and the Sunset drives later to match the sunsets and avoid the midday heat.

Viewers will now see the Sunrise drive a half hour earlier and the sunset drive half an hour later than previously scheduled. This means that if you live in the Pacific Time Zone, the sunrise safari begins at 8:30pm on Wednesday, October 6th, in the Central Time Zone at 10:30pm and in the Atlantic Time Zone at 11:30pm.
The sunset drive will then start at 7:00am, Wednesday, October 7th,  in the Pacific Time Zone, 9:00am in the Central Time Zone and 10:00am in the Atlantic Time Zone.