Time Change For Sunrise safariLIVE

Sunrise over Sabi SandYou may have already heard the guides mention that sunrise safariLIVE will be starting a little later starting February 1st. This coincides with the later sunrise we will experience here in South Africa.Sunrise safariLIVE on Monday, February 1, 2016 will start 30 minutes later at 5:30am, and end at 8:30am CAT, so [...]

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#safariLIVE Viewer Profile: The Busy Birder

Mike Garofolo Jr. is a #safariLIVE regular who has amassed an impressive bird list simply from watching our daily live broadcasts! I briefly chatted to him about how he discovered #safariLIVE and his life-long love of the avian kingdom. Bianca: So, how did you discover #safariLIVE?Mike:  I saw a TV ad about safaris in Kruger National Park. [...]

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Dealing with the drought and heat

The prolonged drought we are experiencing is putting an enormous amount of stress on the animals and the bush. In addition to this the current heatwave, with temperatures exceeding 45 C (113 F), puts everyone who goes out into the sun for longer than a few minutes in danger of suffering heat exhaustion or stroke.In [...]

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