Mike Garofolo Jr. is a #safariLIVE regular who has amassed an impressive bird list simply from watching our daily live broadcasts! I briefly chatted to him about how he discovered #safariLIVE and his life-long love of the avian kingdom. 

Bianca: So, how did you discover #safariLIVE?
Mike:  I saw a TV ad about safaris in Kruger National Park. When I did some research, I came across safariLIVE. I then got my family involved in it once Big Cat Week started, and have been hooked ever since.

BL: What is it about birds that sparked your interest in them so greatly?
MG: I have always loved birds. Growing up we had birds. I would spend many hours as a kid just watching them and their personalities. As I grew up, I just became more and more amazed by different species. We have some great bird viewing here in Central Florida and have our resident red-tailed hawks that show up around the house every now and then.

BL: What has been your favourite sighting to date?
MG: My favorite sighting to date has to be one of the wild dog sightings but as for bird sightings, I would have to say the first time that we found the pearl-spotted owlet. After many months of hearing them and never being able to find them!

BL: Where does your bird list currently stand and what was your last addition?
MG: My list is currently at 221 and climbing fast! Last additions were carmine bee eater and comb duck.
BL: Just from watching #safariLIVE? That’s quite an achievement!
MG: Thank you!

BL: Why, in your opinion. should others watch #safariLIVE?
MG: If you are a human being, you should watch safariLIVE. The WildEarth crew is amazing and do a wonderful job bringing us the most wonderful safari experience from thousands of miles away. No matter where you are in the world, the presenters make you feel as if you are right there with them in the vehicle by answering your questions and is the next best thing to actually taking a trip to South Africa and seeing it for yourself. You will be amazed at what we see!

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