#safariLIVE Viewer Profile: A View From the Baltic

On the small island of Gotland, Peter Pettersson watches over some 200 sheep on a farm in the Baltic Sea. He lives a quiet life there with his wife and the Texel ewes, and is a man of few words. He does, however, have a lot to say about animals."The animals, plants and even we [...]

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The Cat Report – 6 February – 24 February 2016: A recap on all the cat action over the past month!

Saturday the 6th of FebruarySome freshes faces greet us this morning with a sighting of 3 Styx lioness. The cats were spotted by Brent early on the sunrise safari, bathed in the glory of the African sunrise. At the start of the month one of the females was sighted mating with one of the Birmingham [...]

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#safariLIVE Viewer Profile: Creatures on Canvas

Retiree Mary Williams has many interests. Chief among them, safariLIVE. She has combined her love of the Djuma dam cam and the live drives, with putting paintbrush to canvas. Some of her art can be seen throughout this post.Djuma Private Game Reserve - Mary Williams"I love to oil paint and some of my paintings were [...]

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safariLIVE Schedule Changes This Weekend

There will be some changes to our up coming drives this weekend. Sunrise drive, on Sunday 21 February (05:30-08:30 CAT) and Monday's sunrise drive, 22 February (05:30-08:30 CAT) are cancelled. Instead, there will be two night drives, to give the team time to test the equipment. The length of these drives will be dependent on how [...]

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#safariLIVE Viewer Profile: Screenshot Sue

Sue Templeton-Deschene, a dedicated safariLIVE viewer, is a writer, editor and photographer based in Nova Scotia. She has had the chance to photograph and write many stories over the course of her career. It only seems fitting that the images and stories from our live drives should resonate with her deeply."The most amazing thing about [...]

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#safariLIVE Viewer Profile: Art in the Animals

Gini can't remember exactly how she discovered safariLIVE, but she is certainly glad she did. The retired elementary school teacher has been on safari once before, to Kenya in the 1970s, but says she has retold the stories of her "experiences there many, many times".Cheetah - Credit: Virginia MooreGini has an interest in photography and [...]

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The Cat Report – 1 February – 5 February 2016

Monday the 1st of February:The week is off to a roaring start with the Nkuhuma pride still within their home territory on Djuma and Arathusa. James managed to catch up with the cats on the sunrise drive, they are fat, flat and well fed off yet another buffalo kill made during the night. Buffalo certainly [...]

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The Cat Report – 25 January – 31 January 2016

Thursday 28 January 2016It’s been a quiet start to the week in terms of spotting cats on the safariLIVE drives. Yet this doesn’t stop the animals from making their territorial rounds, Shadow was found this morning on Nkorho. She’s didn’t get up to much and spent most of the day lying quietly in the shade [...]

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#safariLIVE Viewer Profile: Breakfast Safari Seniors

Every Wednesday morning, a group of enthusiastic viewers gathers around to have breakfast and watch sunset safariLIVE, from halfway around the world.At The Retreat at Church Ranch Assisted Living in Colorado, Susie Dashiell and a dozen or so residents of the facility, have discovered the joys of jumping aboard the biggest safari vehicle in the [...]

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