On the small island of Gotland, Peter Pettersson watches over some 200 sheep on a farm in the Baltic Sea. He lives a quiet life there with his wife and the Texel ewes, and is a man of few words. He does, however, have a lot to say about animals.

“The animals, plants and even we humans are part of the earth’s environment and ecosystems,” he says. He enjoys watching safariLIVE for this very reason. “WildEarth helps us to understand the context by showing us many different animals and landscapes from different parts of our planet. Moreover, it is real, fun and addictive!”

Wood carving by Peter Pettersson

Peter has been an avid follower of the safaris and WildEarth since 2009. As a shepherd, he also loves watching the Missouri Lambing Cam, and was the first to see the first live birth via the cam in 2015. He also lists taking walks, looking after his flock, listening to the radio and carving wood into pieces of art as interests.

Wood carving by Peter Pettersson

Peter enjoys the isolation his life at Hellvi Norrgårde, the farm where he is based, offers him. But is equally glad he discovered a window to an outside world so far removed from his own in safariLIVE and the WildEarth cams.

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