Gini can’t remember exactly how she discovered safariLIVE, but she is certainly glad she did. The retired elementary school teacher has been on safari once before, to Kenya in the 1970s, but says she has retold the stories of her “experiences there many, many times”.

Cheetah – Credit: Virginia Moore

Gini has an interest in photography and technology and uses safariLIVE broadcasts to capture amazing images of the animals through screenshots and then creates colourful art with them using an app. She has clearly mastered it.

Junior, male lion – Credit: Virginia Moore

“I love photography and playing with iPhone apps. It is amazing what the Dreamscope app filters can do to the already awesome scenes from a live drive. They make them look like bold paintings!” Gini has created the images seen in this post and many others, which she often posts to the WildEarth.TV Facebook page.

Lioness on buffalo – Credit: Virginia Moore

She has recommended the safariLIVE experience to all her friends, especially those who are still teaching and molding “young, absorbing minds”. “Seeing life as it happens, with new beginnings, and necessary endings, takes your heart on a roller coaster of emotions. Being able to witness that again, without the cost of a plane ticket, or expense of travel time is brilliant! Having expert guides with charming and hilarious personalities, who will answer any of your questions is a real plus.”

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