It’s that time of year again when the bald eagles set about raising the next generation of fliers. The Pittsburgh Hays Eagle nest has already had two hatches this breeding season. Mom and Dad Hays are keeping a close watch and are doing well to defend their babies. They have one remaining egg, which is expected to hatch on March 26.

The Pittsburgh Hays Bald Eagle Nest

#EagleWatch continues with the wait on Blair (female) and Taylor (male) at the Eagles4Kids nest. They’re incubating two eggs this year, and WE are hopeful they will be successful this time around.

The Eagles4Kids Nest

The Delta 2 pair, brought to us through the Hancock Wildlife Foundation have a brood of two eggs too. Ma laid their first egg on March 10 and their second on March 14. Continue the conversation as we wait for more news from the nests via Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #EagleWatch, and keep an eye on the cams at