Sam is young, passionate and intelligent. Born in the mother city, Cape Town, he spent his years of youth growing up on South Africa’s beautiful west coast beaches. Once his schooling was complete Sam then attended Stellenbosch University where he completed an undergraduate degree in Development in the Environment. From there Sam did an Honours degree in Sustainable Development at the Sustainability Institute only to reach even greater heights by securing a masters degree in Intelligent Design Thinking at Schumacher College in the United Kingdom.

The bush has always played a huge role in Sam’s life. His father, Nick, is well known in the wildlife filmmaking industry and this is where Sam’s interest for the natural world and its delicate balance with human development was sparked at a young age. He was also fortunate enough to have spent many of his family holidays visiting the wild places in South Africa building a true love and passion for the wilderness.

“The intelligence of the natural world has always spurred my passion for the bush,” this sentiment combined with the desire to acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of the natural world motivated Sam to complete his guiding course at Londolozi. “I  thoroughly enjoy learning more about how other beings (plants, birds, mammals, reptiles…etc) are experiencing their environment, and how everything is integrated within this incredibly complex ecology,” Sam is fascinated by the intricate workings of all things great and small. He states that we, as humans, can learn a great deal from the workings of various animals and plants who have survived and adapted to a dynamic wild for millennia.

Sam is particularly excited to join the WE safariLIVE team because of the shared experiences between our expert guides and viewers from around the globe. He is looking forward to expanding his knowledge of the bush and the Sabi Sands and to sharing that journey with the safariLIVE viewers. He believes that a shared experience is one of the most powerful and being able to create and share an interactive experience on such an immersive level produces a common understanding and shared thought. This taken into context with the natural world and in particular, African wildlife, can only mean good things for conservation.


WE are very excited to have Sam joining the team and are fortunate to contribute further to his guiding career. Welcome to the safariLIVE family Sam!