Madeleine Skeoch is not only a long term viewer, she has also spent many years taking herself on real safaris. “I’m an avid traveler with a passion for Africa and all wildlife. I think it all started with great David Attenborough programs I watched as a kid. I’ve been very fortunate to have visited 64 countries. My favourite wildlife destinations outside of Africa have been the Arctic, Antarctica, Galapagos Islands and the Pantanal in Brazil which I know Brent (Leo-Smith) will be jealous of!”

Penguins in Antarctica – Madeleine Skeoch

She lives with her partner of 25 years, Mark, in Glasgow, Scotland. “We like to do our own thing if possible with Mark driving and me navigating. We always self drive in South Africa and have been to Kruger ten times since 2007.”

They have also done self drive tours in Namibia and Costa Rica. “I think you can get more of a feel for a place and the people when you do it yourself. I’m not knocking a bit of luxury though and have thoroughly enjoyed two stays at Arathusa and one at Elephant Plains where we have seen Karula, six of her offspring and her mum Safari.” 

Xvindze, Karula’s daughter (2011) – Madeleine Skeoch

Madeleine watched a series filmed for National Geographic in 2008, and was excited by the idea of being out there live. She saw some positive and negative reviews for the show online, but one particular comment got her attention. “The person didn’t like the programme and posted a link to a live safari that they felt was far superior. It was for WE. From my first drive I have been addicted. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Tara, Marc and James and had three visits to Sabi Sands.”

“Some unusual wildlife” (October, 2015) – Madeleine Skeoch

She has since met fellow ‘Djuma Djunkies’, John M Whalen and Eleanor James, made many online friends and hopes to meet others. They have also met Wonky the elephant in 2009, when he came up and smelled their trackers shoe. 

“I would love to see some small leopard cubs so now would be a fantastic time to visit again,” says Madeleine. “I had visited Kruger for the first time in January 2007 and knew I wanted to go back. I became active on the SANparks Kruger online forum enjoying others pictures, stories, top tips, static cams and the sense of community that came with it.”

“Thank you to Graham (Wallington) and all involved for enriching my and so many others lives with the joys of Djuma and its surrounds.”

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