Marco Costa, also known as Ciberya, has been a zoomie since 2013. “I discovered when looking for some live wildlife cameras,” he says. “When I first started I was just a viewer and within about 6-8 months I applied to become a zoomie. I love it! I love showing people all sorts of critters and learning from them and teaching them what I know. From the moment I watched the camera for the first time I got hooked.”

Marco puts in lots of time and dedication to help viewers get the best out of their viewing, and “cherishes” the experience. Some of his most memorable sightings were a leopard at Pete’s Pond and wild dog and elephant interaction at Djuma pan. He would love to see all the locations WE broadcasts, and get into wildlife photography. “When I’m not working, and in my free time I am trying to build a nice portfolio of the animals that I come across and photograph.”

He says that spending time watching #safariLIVE has expanded his knowledge of the African bush immensely. “WE is amazing and what it gives us is knowledge and we all know that knowledge is power. WildEarth shows us that the earth is beautiful and protecting her is priority number one. I hope to stay on the team as long as possible and provide excellent views of Africa.”

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