Our planet is our responsibility and what better way to appreciate this than joining us on International Earth Day, this year falling on the 22nd of April. This conservation initiative aims to create and mobilise a unified human action towards preserving and ensuring a healthier planet for future generations.

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The Earth Day initiative encourages all people from all walks of life to commit a “Green Action” by planting an indigenous plant or tree species, in a natural area or even in your own backyard!

WE want to encourage and challenge the WE community to participate in Earth Day by planting an indigenous tree! Share a video of you planting on #safariLIVE or Facebook and you could get a special Earth Day shout out from one of our incredible guides!


Here at safariLIVE the crew is gearing up for the event by brushing up on all our flora knowledge. WE want to share with you why these green, leafy organisms are so important to a healthy ecosystem as well as why careful preservation is needed to verify a cleaner and greener future.

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Earth Day is everyday for us. Sam and his brother
[and few others] have an awesome conservation project that aims: “To build a movement of people, who practice and promote through their lifestyles and business actions sustainable living, environmental awareness and community engagement” (watch video here.) With these goals in mind the team takes on the challenge of educating the youth, fostering knowledge and understanding of the natural world and sustainable living.

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