Adrian Williams has been a viewer for  the last three years, and found safariLIVE in a rather unusual way. “I am a FGASA Level 1 student.  Not because I want to be a professional guide but because it gives structure to my learning about the bushveld.  I did a internet search looking for information about Leadwood (Combretum imberbe) and found #safariLIVE.  It is a great learning resource and I’ve been hooked on it ever since.”

Baby warthog. Photo by Adrian Williams

He loves what we do because of the window into life in the wild WE provides. “The fact they show the natural world live.  Not packaged or prepared but just how it is.  I remember when there was no colour TV so to be able to see a wild animal interaction live in colour from SA or elsewhere in the world at any time of day or night still amazes me,” he says.

Male lion. Photo by Adrian Williams


Due to his career, he understands some of the challenges WildEarth faces. “Working in IT I know that technical systems and processes only work when everything is configured and connected correctly and with all gremlins squashed. I have great admiration for the WE technical team.”
His favourite sightings are “the ones where the presenter says ‘I don’t know what that is’. “These sightings provide the greatest learning opportunity and I’m heading off to my library of books, articles, DVD’s to try and find out what it is too.”
White-browed robin-chat. Photo by Adrian Williams


Adrian would love to visit Pete’s Pond on Mashatu, in Botswana but has been to South Africa. “I’d love to visit other countries in Southern Africa but not managed it yet, there is so much to see in SA!”
Leopard orchid. Photo by Adrian Williams
He feels that safariLIVE is not only entertaining and educational, but also theraputic. “The importance of the natural world cannot be overstated.  It is by learning and sharing our interest and love for it we help protect it. There are many pioneering heroes who have brought the natural world to people’s attention and into their homes – Jane Goodall, Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Hugo van Lawick, David Attenborough and many, many more. Graham and Emily and the whole WE team are current pioneers carrying on that tradition. Tune in and you might see a leopard stalking prey, a colourful flower or a herd of elephants having fun. After a busy day in the office that is just the best tonic”

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