Panthera Tigris: International Tiger Day

Panthera Tigris        - Shere Khan : Does my face not remind you of what grown men can do? - - The Jungle Book 1967 -      Jeandre Gerding, 2007  Over the centuries fables have played a huge roll in education, entertainment and understanding how the natural world works. We as humans [...]

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WE present: safariLIVE gorillas in Rwanda

  Incredible news safarians! WE are going LIVE from the centre of the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda with expert safari guide Brent Leo-Smith. WE are going to be spending time with one of the world's most elusive and majestic creatures, an animal that has captured the imagination of conservationists, filmmakers, storytellers and safari rangers [...]

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The Madiba Magic with safariLIVE

Nelson Mandela’s birthday on 18 July, in South Africa, and internationally, is now a day dedicated to reaching out to those less fortunate by encouraging social empowerment through good will. Mandela’s astonishing legacy asks all members of humanity to spare 67 minutes of their time every year on the 18th of July to uplift those [...]

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WE Celebrate Nelson Mandela Day

WildEarth and safariLIVE reflect the quintessential essence of South African pride held by all people in this beautiful country. That’s why WE want to pay tribute to the liberator of our great nation, Nelson Mandela, on his birthday which is the 18th of July. In South Africa, and internationally, it is now a day dedicated [...]

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WE Welcome the Royal Cubs: Hosana & Xongile

Karula the leopardess and Queen of Djuma gave birth to two perfect little spotted fur balls just over five months ago. Up until this point WE have all enjoyed James “the closet royalist’s” affectionate nicknames of George and Charlotte. Yet with the cubs rapidly approaching their sixth month birthday a decision was taken to give [...]

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The Cat Report 2 – 9 July

Saturday the 2nd of July   Leopard luck kicks off the week with a sighting of an old safariLIVE favourite. As Jamie made her way around Cheetah Plains the bright white flick of a tail caught her attention. Thandi, Karula’s daughter, was lying in full spotted glory surveying her territory from the top of a [...]

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safariLIVE Schools: Roedean School

It is with great pride the WE welcome our first South African school to the safariLIVE schools adventure. Roedean School for girls has been joining the safariLIVE crew on the world's largest safari vehicle over the past few weeks.     The school aims to develop each young lady as a truly unique and free [...]

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#safariLIVE Viewer Profile: Elin Fowler

Long time viewer Elin Fowler has been part of the WE community since its very early stages. "Some internet friends of mine would 'meet' at the Nkorho watering hole and at Pete's Pond daily and chat. Then the drives began and I've been here ever since." She loves "the wildlife and the landscape of South [...]

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A special safari for the 4th of July

The 4th of July marks the day the 13 American colonies declared independence from the British in 1776. This day is regarded as the birth of an independent American nation. WE recognise that many of our viewers are on holiday and celebrating this day with their friends and family.   That’s why WE have decided [...]

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