Long time viewer Elin Fowler has been part of the WE community since its very early stages. “Some internet friends of mine would ‘meet’ at the Nkorho watering hole and at Pete’s Pond daily and chat. Then the drives began and I’ve been here ever since.”

She loves “the wildlife and the landscape of South Africa” and tries her best to catch every live drive.  “It thrills me to see wildlife living free in their environment,” she says.

She says there have been “so many” great sightings, but the best times were watching Karula’s cubs grow up, especially Mixo and Induna.  “They loved each other, played, wrestled, pounced on mom and just brought so much joy to my life at a time I needed it most. as my dad died shortly after they were born.  I have an extreme love and respect for Karula and my life has been enriched by her.  It may sound crazy to many but not my WE friends.”

Her WildEarth friends certainly understand, as she has made numerous friends in the community. She recommends the drives to all she knows “because it’s amazing!”

“I laugh, I cry, I watch in wonderment and I learn. Graham

[Wallington] has a way of finding the most incredible presenters, camera people and technical geniuses to bring this to the world from South Africa twice a day, every day. That said, I’ve learned it’s not for everyone.  Many people don’t get it.  I’ve recruited some new viewers since this latest run of drives and that makes me happy. After all these years, I’ve accepted it’s either in a person’s nature or it isn’t.  I’m glad it’s in my nature.”

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