The 4th of September 2016 marks National Wildlife Day in Australia. This day celebrates the myriad of organisations that seek to make the world a better place for all animals whether they be zoo’s, animal shelters or other wildlife conservation initiatives. Awareness is key to the conservation and protection of the planet’s most threatened animals. Australian National Wildlife Day aims to expand awareness and knowledge across both the local and global communities about the plight of the globe’s most critically endangered wildlife.


investec pup.jpg
(African wild dog pup, Image credit: Louise Pavid, Djuma Private Game Reserve)


Steve Irwin has always been considered one of the most heroic wildlife figures of modern times. Which is why National Wildlife day founder, Colleen Paige has dedicated this very special day to his memory. National Wildlife day is celebrating it’s 11 year anniversary in 2016 and WE want to celebrate!


(Australian Wildlife hero and conservationist Steve Irwin)


In order to make this day a special one WE will be hosting a little competition amongst our expert safari guides during the sunset safari. While we may not see Jamie fiercely wrestling a crocodile, or James taming black mamba’s WE will certainly be providing them with with a definite challenge!


white rhino grazing sunrise tree shadow.jpg
(White rhino bull grazing in the sunrise light, Image Credit: Louise Pavid)


This special day aims to further global knowledge concerning at risk animals, WE are going to get our genius guides to quiz each other on their intimate knowledge of Africa’s various endangered species. Of course this would not be possible without the input of our amazing viewers!


Hosana looking up blog.jpg
(Leopard cub, Image Credit: Louise Pavid, Djuma Private Game Reserve)


So jump on the back of Wendy and Rusty, the world’s largest safari vehicles along with James and Jamie for a safari like no other. Why not participate by sharing some interesting facts about your country’s endangered wildlife as well as some of the initiatives in place aimed at protecting this fabulous fauna!


ellie trunk up blog.jpg
(Young elephant bull, Image Credit: Louise Pavid, Djuma Private Game Reserve)